Imagine we lived in a world where we did not need to be frightened of death.  Imagine we could live where we do not need to hoard wealth.  Imagine we could see a spark of good in everyone, even our worst enemies, and work for that to kindle and take hold.  Imagine.

We are now at the threshold of the Great Fast, Lent.  And many see this as a time of deprivation and sadness, a time of misery: but this is far from the truth; rather we journey with the Church to meet the Resurrection of Christ.  We know the result, the victory is assured, Christ is risen.  This changes everything: for, indeed, we now live in a world where death holds no sway over us.

Even though we will die, even though we will face death,

we may laugh in his face: Christ is risen.

Even though we may build up wealth, even though we store more and more,

they count for nothing eternal: Christ is risen.

Even though our enemies persecute us, take what is ours,

we pray they may come to know the ultimate truth of our existence: Christ is risen.

Lent is a time where we may set aside all bad habits which have come into our lives in the last year and look again to the risen Lord, where we live now according to the law of the Kingdom of God, that we love God with all our hearts and our neighbour as ourself.  And then we need not imagine, we will be with the Lord, and whatever hardships, challenges, wickedness or evil which comes our way we will be strengthened by the Resurrection of Christ.

We begin our journey, we take the first steps.  And we begin by asking forgiveness of others—of those who love us and of those who hate us, of those who help us and of those who persecute us, of those who bring life and of those who bring death.  We ask forgiveness and we offer forgiveness.  Because if the Resurrection is true, if the Resurrection is Truth, then it is the only logical option.

May the light of the Resurrection shine in our hearts that we may be vessels of the Holy Spirit and true heirs of the Kingdom.