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Dear Friends

Human beings worship.  This basic definition of all humanity might be surprising to some, strange to others: yet we all worship.  We find meaning in mundane events and honour them as sacred.

We may see who we worship by where we place our resources.  Worshippers of football gods often spend large amounts of money to show their support of the team, worshippers of technology gods will invest in the latest gadget, worshippers of the sun gods will prioritise holidays in the Mediterranean, worshippers of beauty gods will invest in their looks.  But it is not only about money, worshippers of book gods will spend hours at the library, worshippers of gossip gods will pay attention to the tiniest details, worshippers of conspiracy theory gods will pore over websites, etc.

The Lord told us all this many centuries ago.  He said,

Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal; but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

— Matt. 6:19–21

Our hearts and our treasures, says the Lord, are in the same place.

Whom do you worship?  Where is your treasure?  Where is your money, your time, your energies?  Where is mine?  Were an investigator to look at our diaries, our credit card bills or our interactions with others, would Christ be found at the centre?  Or at the periphery?  Or at all?

God has called us, each one of us, to worship him, to place ourselves as creatures within his Creation.  And this understanding, seeing ourselves as dependent upon him, sets us in complete freedom: no longer subservient to gods who deserve no worship but living in true reality worshipping God Almighty.

Set God at the centre of your life—not merely your Sunday life, your prayer life, your religious life, but at the centre of your whole life: be the human being God created you to be.

How Can Christians Save Politics

Politics can be confrontational and not a good place for a Christian to be; we are called, however, to transform and transfigure it.  In this episode, Steve explores how Christians can be a positive force in the political world.

Be the Bee #152, ‘How Christians Can Save Politics’

Covid-19 Response

As we move further into autumn worries are increasing on the possible increase in the spread of the disease.  Yet there is a division: one side is accused of scare-mongering while the other of irresponsibility.  The situation is becoming fractious and each side’s position is becoming more entrenched.

Our duty as Christians is to stand for truth and to bring about unity.  But to stand for truth does not mean to ridicule nor deride those who are wrong, it is to act patiently, humbly, lovingly: in other words to be Christ-like.  We do not shy away from the truth nor do we separate ourselves from others.

The Church has a clear position as given by our bishops: we are to obey the civil authorities on these matters.  We follow the law while maintaining our Faith and thus provide a witness—a martyrdom—of the Gospel.  And then, by trusting in the power of God and not our own, we may become an icon of unity and concord.

Would you like help?  Advice?  Support?  Then let me know.

Live Stream

The Monastery of Saints Antony and Cuthbert, Shropshire, is live-streaming its services for all who are unable to go to their own churches.  These are over YouTube and can be accessed here:

Usually Vespers on Saturday evenings at 5 pm and Matins and Liturgy on Sunday mornings from 7.30 am.

News of Future Services

We want to start to hold services together: things are difficult now but they remind us that we can do nothing by our own power.  Only when we place our hope in the Lord—and not in our own skills, talents, ideas, imaginations—will we be able to build a house for the Lord.

Please pray!


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Saints and Feasts

Wednesday 30th September — Hieromartyr Gregory, Bishop of Greater Armenia (c 335).  St Honorius, Archbishop of Canterbury (653).

Thursday 1st October — The Protecting Veil of Our Most Holy Lady the Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary.  Apostle Ananias of the Seventy (1st).  St Romanos the Melodist (6th).

Friday 2nd — Hieromartyr Cyprian, Virgin-Martyr Ioustini and Martyr Theoktistos, of Nicomedia (249–51).

Saturday 3rd — Hieromartyr Dionysios the Areopagite, Bishop of Athens, and with him Martyrs Roustikos the Presbyter and Eleutherios the Deacon (96).

Sunday 4th — 17th after Pentecost, 2nd Sunday of Luke.  Hieromartyr Hierotheos, Bishop of Athens (1st).

Monday 5th — Martyr Charitini of Amisos (304).

Tuesday 6th — Holy Apostle Thomas (1st).

Wednesday 7th — Martyrs Sergius and Bacchus in Syria (290–303).  Virgin-Martyr Pelagia of Tarsus (290).  St Dubtach, Bishop of Armagh (513).  Martyr Princess Osyth of Chich in Essex (c 700).

Thursday 8th — Virgin-Martyr Pelagia of Antioch (303).

Can I help you?

I am here for you, you need only ask. Is there a way I can support your life of faith? Get in touch.

Can you help the mission?

Yes, absolutely. Offer yourselves to the Lord: pray! Make available to him all your talents and ask him how he would like you to use them — listen for his reply.

I ask your prayers for me.

With love in Christ

Fr Alexander