Twelve Apostles' Church Eastleigh

Growth of our mission

St Ioannikios the Great’s Prayer

Dear Friends

Thank you for your continued support.

St Ioannikos lived in 8th and 9th century whose feast day falls today, 4th November. He is the author of the following beautiful short prayer.

My hope is the Father,
my refuge is the Son,
my shelter is the Holy Spirit,
O Holy Trinity, Glory to thee.

Prayer of St Ioannikios the Great

This prayer is good to memorise, we can recite it at any time we want to draw our mind back to God.

We are still trying to grow as a community and I offer to you all as much as I can: how may I help you? Please do get in contact.

We are investigating some possibilities in Eastleigh on where we might be able to meet: we could be creative, it does not need to be an existing Church building: warehouses, unused shops, halls – any could be adapted. Do you know of somewhere? Do you have contacts? Let me know!

I preached a sermon at our Church in Poole on Sunday in which you might be interested on “The Rich Man and Lazarus Parable.” It can be read on our website, click here to get to it. You may be interested in our Facebook page too: I am posting material daily, including a “Twitter length” reflection on the daily readings. Here’s the link. Please do check it out, Like it, and share with anyone who may be interested, particularly those who live in this area.

Can you help?

There are countless ways each of you could support this new ministry

  • Pray.
  • Pass on this email to anyone who may be interested — encourage them to get in contact.
  • Is there a talent you have which may be of service to the Lord? Now would be an excellent time to do it.

I hope and pray we may all come together as a community soon. Please remember me in your prayers as you are all in mine.

With love in Christ

Fr Alexander